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        Photos prises par Michel Verpoorten au Cirque Royal de Bruxelles lors de la tournée "Celtic Footprint Tour", avec l'aimable autorisation de

        Quinlan Road.

I heard your voice singing Cymbeline if i had you now as i had once before all of Olds Lords of England would not purchase Portmore Kells water The spectre, learning, physic, must all follow this and come to dust Moon cradle All their voices can be hear long past their woodland days In the bleak midwinter When the dark wood fell before me and all the paths were overgrown Greensleeves I’ll keep your heart with mine tilll you come to me Snow Calling, yearning, pulling, home to you Lullaby There was fidding aye, and dancing on the day the babe was bornThe lady of Shalott The beauty of all things doth appear Between the shadows